App Reviews

Request App Store reviews from your users

The app-review action launches the system control for asking your users to review your app.

Our Developer Guide for Improving App Reviews has everything you need to quickly get up and running with an optimal app-review prompt.

It details optimizations that will improve your averate app store rating including:

  • Showing the review prompt at the optimial moment

  • Avoiding negative conditions, such as: low battery, no internet connection, user distractions (e.g., being on a call or driving), and more

  • Excluding users who are running buggy releases of your app, or are using an interface languages not supported by your app's UI

  • Avoiding users who have blocked permissions crucial to your app

  • And many more!

App Review Config

An app review action has actionType of review_prompt and an empty actionData.

Example Config

"reviewAction": {
    "actionType": "review_prompt",
    "actionData": {}

Be aware that iOS will only display the prompt to a user a maximum of three times within a 365-day period. See Apple's documentation on app reviews for limits and best practices.

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