Working with Dates

Helper functions for working with dates and times

Critical Moments provides a set of helper functions to make working with conditions strings with dates easy! Well, at least as easy as working with dates can be...

Date Functions

Example Conditions With Dates

  • Did the user downloaded this app in the last 12 hours?

    • app_install_date > now() - duration('12h')

  • Did the user install the app more than 30 days ago?

    • app_install_date < now() - duration('720h')

  • Did the user downloaded the app before a given absolute datetime?

    • app_install_date > date('2023-01-25T12:00:00+00:00')

  • Is the current device time after a date, in the user's local timezone? For example: launching new feature at midnight local time.

    • now() > date('2024-04-05', date_format, 'Local')

  • Is the time between 10pm PST and 11pm PST on a given date? Example: you're taking your service down for maintenance and what to show a "we'll be back online soon" message:

    • now() > date('2024-01-15T22:00:00-08:00') && now() < date('2024-01-15T23:00:00-08:00')

  • Was the app was installed before a given unix timestamp?

    • app_install_date < unixTimeMilliseconds(1136189045000)

  • Is it currently a Wednesday in the user's local timezone

    • formatTime(now(), 'dow') == 3 or formatTime(now(), 'dow_long') == 'Wednesday'

  • Is it currently the evening (5pm-9pm) in the user's local timzeone

    • formatTime(now(), 'hod') >= 17 || formatTime(now(), 'hod') <= 21

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