Custom Actions

Trigger native code from Critical Moments

To create an action which calls into native code, use a link action type with a deeplink into your app.

An example link to your "edit profile experience could be: you-app-scheme:profile/photo?mode=edit. It has the the following components:

  • App scheme you-app-scheme:: the app scheme you setup and define for your app

  • The path profile/photo: a specific screen or action in your app you are linking to

  • A query string ?mode=edit: Any serialized data you want to pass through and handle in your code.

To implement you can use iOS deeplinks, or universal links.

To not set useEmbeddedBrowser for deeplinks. This option is only supported for http/https links.

Example Custom Action Config

"edit_profile_photo_deeplink_action": {
    "actionType": "link",
    "actionData": {
        "url": "you-app-scheme:profile/photo?mode=edit"

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