Built In Themes

Choose from pre-built themes

Critical Moments comes with 21 built in themes, made up of 7 named-styles, each with a light, dark and auto variant. You can refer to these by name in your config file. The base/auto varient will automatically adapt to the user system dark-mode setting, while the _light and _dark varients will force one color pallet regardless of the user setting.

  • system/system_light/system_dark [default]: system standard color pallet and font. If your app has an accent color set, that will be the primary color (defaults to systemBlue).

  • elegant/elegant_light/elegant_dark: a black and white theme, using a modern font (Avenir Next on iOS).

  • aqua/aqua_light/aqua_dark: A blue/green theme, using default system font.

  • jazzy/jazzy_light/jazzy_dark: A purple/pink theme, using default system font.

  • sea/sea_light/sea_dark: A deep blue theme, using default system font.

  • honey/honey_light/honey_dark: A yellow/black theme, using default system font.

  • terminal/terminal_light/terminal_dark: A theme mirroing the look of a computer terminal, using a monospace font.

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