Named Conditions Config

Update conditions from the cloud

If you use feature flags, you'll need to define the conditional strings in your config file.

Defining these in remote configuration instead of hardcoded allows you to update them over time (for rolling out, rolling back, or target refinement), or to remotely disable bugs (disable a feature, but only targeting impacted users).

For how to remotely update your config, see here.

Example Config

Here's an example config file showing two named conditions:

    "configVersion": "v1",
    "appId": "YOUR_BUNDLE_ID",
    "conditions": {
      "namedConditions": {
        "isNewPhone": "user_interface_idiom == 'phone' && versionNumberComponent(device_model_version, 0) >= 14",
        "hasWatchAndIos15Plus": "has_watch && versionNumberComponent(os_version, 0) >= 15"

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